Covid-19 situation update

6 March 2020

Despite the exceptional situation caused by the spread of the COVID 19 virus, we wish to inform you that our sales team and production units are fully operational, they have never suspended or reduced their activity and are perfectly capable of ensuring the regular continuity of relations with all our customers and suppliers.

In coordination with the Company Doctor and in compliance with the guidelines issued by the Competent Health Authority, we have adopted, in order to protect the health of all the people working at Nastrificio De Bernardi Srl, the recommended measures and provided the required training /supplied information, without creating negative repercussions on the production activities.

We are significantly close to the people belonging to the communities which are most affected by this situation and we hope that a return to normality can take place for everyone in the shortest possible time. We will share with you all any possible developments related to COVID 19 that could have an impact on our business through the usual communication channels.